MI TOWER is a versatile and high quality one-man rolling access tower designed in accordance with the latest testing and quality standards. Unlike traditional scaffolding, the innovative MI TOWER can be easily and safely assembled by just one person.

Working height4 - 6m

Height options2m, 3m, 4m platform heights


About this product

MI TOWER is the world’s first one-man, quick assembly access tower, making scaffolding access available to the individual. The unique design allows a single worker to erect the sturdy scaffold tower in under 10 minutes, maximising the available working time.

The MI TOWER does not compromise on security, with easy-clip frame clips and easy-lock stabilisers creating a stable foundation for working that is straightforward to assemble. Designed specifically for one-man use, the MI TOWER is small enough to fit into tight spaces, making it suitable for use on a range of sites.

The base of the MI TOWER doubles as the storage and transport trolley, making it easy to keep all of the components together when not in use, when being transported and at the job. Highest quality, latest testing standards, compactness, and versatility combine with ease of transportation and assembly to make MI TOWER a winner.

Key features

Innovative, user-led solutions

One man use

Stable, Strong and robust

Easy to move

Unique component hanging system

Small footprint

EN 1004 Class 3 Compliant

One man use

The MI TOWER can be easily and safely assembled by one man, making scaffold access available to solo workers. Assembly takes just 10 minutes and the work platform has enough space to comfortably accommodate one individual and their tools.

Stable, Strong and robust

MI TOWER is constructed to the highest quality standards for a robust scaffold tower that is fully compliant with EN1004 Class 3 and comes with an array of safety-enhancing features designed to create optimum conditions for secure working.

Easy to move

For ease of storage, MI TOWER has been designed so that all components can be safely stored within the tower’s base assembly, which is securely mounted on wheels for ease of movement.

Unique component hanging system

The innovative Easy-Hang hangers provide a convenient place to store materials during assembly and dismantle, and simply slide back into place when not in use.

Small footprint

Not only is the storage trolley small enough to make it easy to store, but the MI TOWER itself takes up less floor area than traditional mobile towers. Cleverly designed stabilisers can reduce the floor space used by up to 65%, without compromising on working platform size.

EN 1004 Class 3 Compliant

The MI TOWER is a versatile, EN1004 compliant for both internal and external use.



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PRODUCT outline

See our full list of complete MI TOWER units & individual components below

  • Key:

  • Complete Unit

  • Component Part

Product EAN Product Code Product Name Product Weight
0036336737723 MT2M MI TOWER 2m PH, 4m WH 73.47kg
0036336737747 MT3M MI TOWER 3m PH, 5m WH 84.07kg
0036336737761 MT4M MI TOWER 4m PH, 6m WH 91.37kg
8711563194168 MTEF4R MI TOWER 4 Rung End Frame 3.60kg
8711563194175 MTPT MI TOWER Hatch Platform 9.00kg
8711563240773 MTTOR MI TOWER Stabiliser 3.65kg
8711563246027 MTHU MI TOWER Guardrail Brace Panel 3.30kg
8711563194205 MTTS MI TOWER Toe-Board Set 5.40kg
8711563206441 ADL220 220mm Adjustable legs 1.12kg
8711563206434 MTLCA 125mm double brake locking castor 2.26kg

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Product FAQ's

The delivery time for the MiTower may vary depending on your location and the stock availability. However, most orders are dispatched within 1-2 working days.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it is recommended to be used on flat and level surfaces for maximum stability.

The MiTower has several safety features, including a sturdy platform with non-slip flooring, guardrails, and locking wheels.

It comes with clear instructions and can be easily set up in just a few minutes.

Yes, the MiTower is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport in a van or car. In addition, it can be easily dismantled into smaller parts for even more accessible transportation.

The maximum weight capacity of the MiTower is 200kg, evenly distributed across the platform.

The MiTower has a maximum working height of 6.2m and a platform height of 4.2m. The base dimensions are 1.1m x 0.7m.

The MiTower is a compact, lightweight, and portable access tower designed to help you reach high places safely and quickly. It can be easily assembled and disassembled without needing any tools, making it ideal for use in various settings.

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