A guide to using Aluminium Mobile Access Towers

17th November 2023

It goes without saying, that when working at height you need to be sensible and make sure that you are being as safe as possible. Even when you are using aluminium mobile access towers, you could easily be putting yourself in danger if you don’t understand the basic Dos and Don’ts. 

Here’s some pointers to ensure that you are using mobile access towers in the safest possible way. 

The Dos

Ensure Your Surface is Level and Stable

One of the biggest aspects of access tower safety is to set up the tower on a level and stable surface. An uneven foundation can lead to instability and preventable accidents.

Always Use Correct Components and Materials

Always use the correct components and materials designed specifically for the type of tower you are using. Mismatched or inappropriate components can compromise the integrity of the equipment.

Inspect Equipment Before Use

Before using the access tower, perform a thorough inspection to identify any defects or issues. Pay attention to the fitment of braces and platforms. If you spot any problems, do not use them.

Use the 3T Method

The 3T (Through the Trapdoor) method is one of the safest ways to access a tower. This method involves climbing through a trap door or opening onto the platform rather than attempting to climb through the outside.

Put Load Within The Specified Limits

Never overload the tower beyond its load capacity that will be outlined in the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should make sure that all materials and workers on the platform are within the weight limit to prevent accidents.

Work on Protected Platforms

You should always work on a protected platform with guardrails and toe boards fitted. This provides an added layer of safety by preventing falls from a height.

Always Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Manufacturers provide detailed instructions for the assembly and use of aluminium mobile access towers. Always follow these instructions carefully to ensure your optimum safety.

Get Proper Training

Ensure that all workers that will be using the tower have received proper training regarding the associated hazards and safe use of the equipment. This training is extremely important for accident prevention, keeping your team as safe as possible.

The Don’ts

Don’t Move the Tower with Occupants

Moving the tower when workers or materials are on the platform is extremely dangerous. Always ensure that there should be no one on the scaffold while moving.

Don’t Leave an Unattended Mobile Access Tower for a Long Period of Time

Never leave a mobile access tower unattended for a longer period of time. Always try to dismantle it when no workers are present on the platform.

Avoid Adverse Weather Conditions

Using towers in adverse weather conditions, such as high winds, heavy rain, or snow, is hazardous. Work should be postponed or halted until weather conditions improve.

Avoid Unsafe Moving of the Tower

The best way to move a mobile access tower safety is to push at the base. A common mistake is to pull at the tower but this could result in accidents.

Do not use mixed tower components

You should always check your tower components to make sure they are all from the same manufacturer, for the EN1004 (testing) to be valid for that system.

Don’t revert to old knowledge

You may feel like you are experienced in using access towers if you’ve been using them for years. However, you shouldn’t rely on this experience alone as towering regulations and standards change on a regular basis. Always make sure you are fully trained for the piece of equipment you are using. 

If you need any further assistance or advice on the safest way possible to use any of our products, we offer an exceptional after sales service. Find out more here.

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